Senior Camp Montreal


Ages 14-18

Senior camp is for children ages 14 to 18 years old. This is a perfect age for a summer camp experience. Children make many friends, adjust easily to the new environment and learn many things about themselves and the world around them.

Our Tropinka Camp in Quebec is run on the territory managed by Cedar Lodge Camp. Cedar Lodge Camp has been running at this location for over 120 years and they provide excellent facilities and experienced management and support for our camp.


RU/EN Languages

This camp is in Russian language, but most of our staff also speak English and French. Campers are subdivided into groups of 7 to 8 campers, assigned to an age and gender specific cabin and they are led by one leader who provides oversight 24 hours per day. We understand that being away from home may be a new experience for some campers and we strive to make sure that this transition is as smooth as possible.


Learning opportunities

Each day, teens learn insightful stories from the Bible about Jesus, Abraham, Moses and others. We strive to provide a safe environment that is also fun and filled with many learning opportunities.

Our schedule is thoroughly planned for each day, and we hope it will help teens to develop positive habits and can contribute to academic success in the long run.