Junior Camp Toronto


Ages 6-10

Overnight Camp for our Youngest Campers

This camp is tailored specifically to the needs of the youngest children. For many in this age group this could be their first time away from home and the families they love – and we at Tropinka understand that and we will make sure that your child will have the best experience possible .


EN/RU Languages

The main camp program is in Russian, most of our staff members are also fluent in English. Campers are subdivided into groups of 5 campers, by age and by gender and they are supervised by their councilor and other staff members 24 hours a day.


Learning opportunities

At junior camp, your child will participate in age appropriate activities that include swimming, canoeing, crafts, field sports and many others. Friendships and relationships will be built that will last a lifetime.

For our Bible lessons, children will learn the insightful stories about Jesus, Abraham, Moses and many other biblical characters.

Our aim is to provide a fun and educational experience for your children in a safe environment.