Our Montreal Interns

Interns smiling while working as a team

Ages 15-21

Nearly all our Montreal interns were once campers themselves and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to volunteer as interns. Typically falling within the 15-21 age range, our interns are disciplined and positive volunteers who share a fondness for Tropinka.

From different parts of Quebec, these local helpers ensure Tropinka Junior Camp stays tidy. They actively engage in plays, various activities, and the grand finale Festival at the end of each week, alongside the campers. Moreover, our interns have daily sessions dedicated to Bible study in their schedule.

Iterns wearing Minecraft masks

Learning opportunities

Despite their demanding schedules and fixed hours, our Montreal interns are acquiring and enhancing a diverse set of skills. These include leadership, teamwork, collaboration, time management, problem-solving, outdoor and environmental awareness, as well as networking and social skills.

We make it a point to provide recommendation letters for our interns, recognizing their significant contributions and hard work throughout this journey. This serves as a testament to their dedication, and we believe it will be valuable for their future job opportunities and endeavors.

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